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Beach Painting
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Image by Aaron Burden
Springwood Neighbourhood Centre Co-operative, a lead agency for Blue Fringe Art & Literature Festival, recognises the importance of supporting and advocating for mental health in the community and in October the popular and well-respected Blue Fringe Arts Festival is held as part of Mental Health Month.

The Festival, established over 30 years ago, features two main categories: literature and art. Blue Fringe recognises the vital role creative arts play in supporting all members of the community. It continues to challenge stereotypes around mental health and recognises both the resilience and vulnerabilities of individuals who are managing mental health issues.
The Festival displays works by artists across literature and art. These range from short stories, poetry, sculpture, painting, textiles and photography. The evolution and continuing success of the Blue Fringe Arts Festival is testament to the power of positive partnerships between several key organisations in the Blue Mountains, including: SNCC; Belong Blue Mountains; Stride & Blue Mountains Women’s Health and Resource Centre; local sponsors and dedicated volunteers.
The annual exhibition is always a moving and inspiring display of art’s potential to impact change, both for those who create it and those who experience it.

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