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Children & Families

Feeling connected to the people in our community is vital to an overall sense of physical and mental health.  At SNCC we believe no one deserves to feel isolated and alone.  We help families in the community access a variety of supports and services through several targeted programs.  

We offer different programs to suit different needs and can refer you to various services if required. These include: mental health; child and family services; housing and the aged and disability sector.  

Tanderra OOSH

“Thank you so much for making our family feel so welcomed.  Our daughter has been loving her time so much”. Anon.

Tanderra is a place for children to play, learn and explore and socialise in a safe, caring and fun environment.  We offer children a place where they can be creative, relax and have fun with friends.  
Our staff are trained in Behaviour Guidance and Autism, First Aid and Child Protection.  
We love what we do at Tanderra OOSH and help foster self-esteem in children.  We recognise the unique qualities of each child who uses the service.  Tanderra’s core values of Care, Respect and Understanding for all people and the environment are encouraged and nurtured. 

Raising Kin: The Changing Nature of Families

We recognise that families come in all shapes and sizes, with a variety of needs.  At SNCC we have a wide range of activities and support services.  

Last year over 4000 members of our community visited the Centre, including 600 children under the age of 5.  We are committed to providing continuing support for families and offer services that make a difference to people’s lives. 



  Raising Kin Handbook



Festive Traditions Continue at Manners Park

Christmas time comes alive at Manners Park, where we continue the 40-year-old tradition of decorating the Deodar tree.  Children from local schools gather to decorate the tree with the help of the Springwood Fire and Rescue.  With the help of the Officers, children climb the tree and decorate the branches with their handmade creations.  
Parents and grandparents come along and watch the tree transform into a kaleidoscope of Christmas colours.  Many have fond memories of decorating the same tree when they were young.  It’s an important tradition that builds excitement and a lifetime of memories every festive season in the Springwood community.  

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