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Our People

SNCC strives to meet the following quality organisational objectives:

  1. To assist our clients to lead fulfilled lives. This objective includes continually building a culturally diversified, equitable and inclusive community and working collaboratively with other organisations which share this same objective.

  2. Be a best practice governance and risk managed community-based organisation.

  3. Ensure sufficient financial strength, resources and accountability to enable SNCC to achieve its objectives.

  4. Have staff and volunteers with the commitment, skills and resources to meet the needs of individuals and the community that we support and regard SNCC as a great place to work.

  5. Apply a “Best Practice” approach to our organisational systems, processes that meet all relevant Quality Assurance standards, and provide the tools for effective and efficient day-to-day SNCC operations.

  6. Effectively integrate SNCC’s QMS to the delivery of its services on a continuing improving basis meeting ISO 9001:2015 and all relevant standards.

  7. SNCC invests in ongoing training and skill development for its workers.

  8. SNCC has effective WHS processes and its system is compliant to legal and quality standards.

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